At ELOHI Collection our manifesto is a call to action for everyone who seeks to reconnect with nature and cultural diversity in a meaningful and ethical way. We believe that the natural world is not just a resource to be exploited, but a source of inspiration, wonder, and renewal.

We are committed to creating a space where guests can immerse themselves in nature and culture, while also minimizing our impact on the environment.
Our manifesto is about fostering a deeper connection between ourselves and the world around us, and inspiring others to do the same. We believe that by embracing sustainable practices and celebrating diversity, we can create a more harmonious and equitable world for all.

We invite you to join us on this journey and experience the transformative power of nature and culture at ELOHI Collection

Our locations

ELOHI unveils to the mindful traveler a world of wonderment. A night sky speckled with stars beyond the eye’s count. Heroic shapes of guardian mountains. The gentle whisper of the elusive wind. Luminous landscapes that pull one’s being towards self-discovery. Enjoy unparalleled access to the most stunning national parks and pristine remote lands in Latin America.

Join us and begin the journey.

Who we are

ELOHI Collection creates endless opportunities to share incredible once in a lifetime experiences through our exquisite collection of eco-resorts in the Latin American Highlights. Our unique and curated ELOHI programs provide each guest with authentic and transformational experiences by incorporating immersive activities, exceptional local food, and remarkable hospitality in stunning natural surroundings.

We offer an B&B experience with customized activities and outdoor excursions next to the most pristine National Parks. Each journey is guided by a team of Adventure Specialists, who deliver immersive experiences based on the principles of safety, respect and curiosity.


Our sustainable design is cleverly integrated into the surrounding wilderness. The walkways are crafted with local wood and seamlessly connect each suite Unit with communal areas. The ELOHI suites provide guests a secluded yet luxurious experience and incorporate large private viewing decks for enjoyment. Breathe the fresh mountain air, sip wine while relaxing in your private jacuzzi, or simply rest beneath the moonlit sky.

We designed ELOHI to foster a deeper connection between guest and nature. At the end of the ELOHI journey, we hope each traveler departs with an aura of rejuvenation and returns home with a new sense of meaning.

Our vendor partnerships reflect our commitment to the health of our world, both locally and globally. We cultivate strong relationships with regional businesses and the surrounding sustainable/organic agricultural community, local artists, designers, producers and suppliers.

As a sourcing strategy, we buy locally when local is best, and we work with the local community to make local best. We build strong partnerships with vendors and producers that engage in an ecologically balanced, holistic approach to product production and agriculture, resulting in energy savings and waste reduction in our supply chain. By building these partnerships, we increase the demand for locally produced goods and create mutually beneficial relationships.

Social Commitment: As an active member of the community, ELOHI Collection supports Sustainable Tourism development and positive community change. ELOHI takes an active role in local community organizations to build long-term partnerships and value for the region.

Improving the sustainability performance of our resorts is an ongoing commitment and we continuously strive to reduce energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste while impoving the overall health of the local community and environment.

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    About the founder — Tito Gana
    Architect · Father · Outdoor Sportsman · Entrepreneur

    In 1996, Tito was recognized by the Republic of Chile as an Outstanding Athlete after taking part in an expedition that conquered K2 Mountain in the Himalayas.
    After closing his successful Architecture firm in 1999, he launched Latitud 90 S.A., a company that develops learning and tourism experiences through innovative travel programs in Chile. Currently, Latitud 90 generates annual revenues of USD 20 million and works with 60 collaborators in various travel sectors and industries. Tito was the CEO of Latitud 90 from 1999 to 2019. In 2007 Tito launched Patagonia Camp, a new Glamping and Eco-resort located in Chilean Patagonia and the first Luxury Camp in Latin America. Tito was responsible for the idea, development and construction and of the resort and managed the business operations upon opening. From 2019 Tito has been ELOHI camps Collection CEO until now. YPO Member since 2010 (Chair of Chile chapter from 2017-2018). Current YPO GOLD at large.